I am a clinical assistant professor in the Liberal Studies program at New York University, where I teach and research on topics related to global political theory, post-colonialism, and Turkish and Middle Eastern politics. Please feel free to browse my site to learn more about myself and my work.


Radical Muslims: Sovereignty, Martyrdom,and Conscientious Objection in Turkey

This monograph is an ethnographic analysis of the resistance of Muslim Conscientious Objectors and anti-war activists in Turkey who refuse the draft and peacefully accept the consequences of their criminalized disobedience – the loss of basic citizenship rights. It argues that Muslim objectors’ resistance is distinguished from conventional accounts of conscientious dissent with its reinterpretation of war-resistance as a dynamic form of Islamic martyrdom (shahadat). Situating Muslim objectors’ critique within the historical contexts of republican nationalism and political Islam in modern Turkey, the monograph argues that the emergence of this Islamic anti-war movement demonstrates the limits of political theological uses of religion to support state sovereignty. Challenging the Turkish state’s own use of Islamic discourses of jihad and martyrdom in its military, Muslim objectors transform these religious discourses into a basis of resistance against the state, thus illustrating the difficulties nationalist projects face in disciplining religious imaginaries when putting them to the service of the modern state.


Areas of specialization: Global Political Theory, Contemporary Political Thought, Islamic Political Thought, Critical Theory, Postcolonialism, Turkish and Middle East Politics, Political Ethnography  

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